Fund I

Peachtree Equity Partners, L.P.
Fund I formed April 2002
Includes investments made while at Wachovia (1997-2001)

Current Investments

Realized Investments

Current Investments

CV Holdings Logo

CV Holdings

CV Holdings (Auburn, AL) is a manufacturer of specialized plastic containers for the pharmaceuticals, consumer products and food service markets.

Imagimed Logo


Imagimed (Rockville, MD) is a leading provider of diagnostic imaging services with thirteen freestanding, outpatient magnetic resonance imaging (“MRI”) facilities in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Marlin Business Services Logo

Marlin Business Services Corp

Marlin Business Services Corp (Mount Laurel, NJ) is a nationwide provider of equipment leasing solutions primarily to small businesses (NASDAQ: MRLN).

Mertz Manufacturing Logo

Mertz Manufacturing

Mertz Manufacturing (Ponca City, OK) is a manufacturer and distributor of specialized compact utility and oilfield service equipment and a provider of outsourced equipment maintenance services.

National P.E.T. Logo

National P.E.T. Scan

National P.E.T. Scan (Jacksonville, FL) is a provider of diagnostic imaging services with four freestanding outpatient positron emission tomography/computerized tomography (“PET-CT”) facilities in Florida.

Realized Investments

Aurum Technology

Aurum Technology (Plano, TX) is a provider of outsourced IT services to the community banking market.

DiversiTech Logo


DiversiTech Corporation (Atlanta, GA) is a manufacturer of component parts, supplies, and accessories for the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration after-market.

Durham Geo-Enterprises

Durham Geo-Enterprises (Atlanta, GA) is a manufacturer of materials testing, environmental remediation and geo-technical instrumentation.


DynCorp (Reston, VA) is a provider of information management, communications networks and outsourcing services to federal and state governments.

On-Site Fuel Service Logo

On-Site Fuel Service

On-Site Fuel Service (Jackson, MS) provides outsourced fueling services to businesses that operate fleets of vehicles, including governmental agencies, utilities, trucking, and construction companies.


Paymap (San Francisco, CA) is a provider of electronic payment products and services to financial institutions.

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery

Perkins Restaurant & Bakery (Memphis, TN) is a 500 unit, full-service family restaurant chain.

Pleasants Hardware

Pleasants Hardware (Winston-Salem, NC) is a distributor of doors, frames and related hardware for nonresidential construction.

Scientific Research Corporation

Scientific Research Corporation (Atlanta, GA) is a communications and IT government contractor focused on providing a broad range of wireless communications, network, information, and sensor product systems and services.

Selkirk Financial

Selkirk Financial (Vancouver, BC) develops products that helps corporations better manage their in-house treasury operations, such as cash management, bank accounts and investment portfolios.

Value Asset Management

Value Asset Management (Stamford, CT) is a holding company that aggregates asset management firms.

Young Pecan

Young Pecan (Florence, SC) is the leading processor, packager, and distributor of shelled and in-shell pecans purchased by food manufacturers as ingredients for cookies, breads, ice cream, cereals, candy, salads, cake mixes and pastries.